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Over the past seventeen years, we at signature have seen every type of business.

We know that even if you have years of experience in the region, setting up can be daunting, often raising more questions than it answers.

We can answer them all - what type of license is best for me? What type of office am I allowed to rent? Where can I rent? How do I get my license? How do i find the time to go to the correct departments to get the documents I need for my license?

Full Range of Services

We are here to help.

We, at Signature, offer advice on what kind of license is right for you and we can guide you through all elements of company formation. Obtaining a DED license allows you to enjoy all the positive aspects of having your own company in Dubai. We provide local partners, PRO services, service agents and anything else you may need.

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Large, medium or small, we have solutions for all types of businesses.

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